Remedyourlife was created to help individuals reach their fullest health potential.

Founder, Danielle J. Lazarakis began caring for patients in 1996 as a New York State Licensed Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. Throughout Danielle's career she has honored the philosophy that patients should always come first.  Her caring bedside manner has comforted thousands of patients throughout her 19 years in healthcare.  She has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of the mind, body, health, disease and prevention through her education and experience.

After working with a multitude of cancer patients, Danielle decided she wanted to be more involved in the prevention and healing of health conditions.  This strong desire and her commitment to lifelong learning propelled her to further her education.  She went on to study Homeopathy and Whole Health Education ™.

Danielle is certified as a Whole Health Educator ™* and Patient Health Advocate from the National Institute of Whole Health (NIWH), Boston, Massachusetts. The NIWH was founded in 1977 and has held a vision for healthcare to include demystified health information to promote self-care and disease prevention.  Danielle is proud to be a part of that vision.

Whole Health Education ® is based on the Five Aspects of Whole Health ™ and the principle that clients should be treated as a "whole" person. Evidenced-based information will be presented and explained in a demystified manner.  Danielle provides clients with individualized care based on their specific health concerns.   Personalized programs are three to six weeks long.  Each session lasts approximately thirty to sixty minutes. 

Through education, support, compassion and self-direction sustainable lifestyle changes can be achieved.  This program puts the client in the driver's seat, empowering them to take charge of their health.  

A note from Danielle,

Since I was a young child, I was extremely interested in the human body and it's incredible abilities.  I wasn't always health conscious and I certainly made my share of poor lifestyle choices. When I worked in a hospital, I was around  patient's with many types of ailments and diseases.  I  remember being afraid that I would end up sick like my patients but I didn't feel the need to change my lifestyle.  I figured I was young and healthy, until one day I wasn't. I ended up with depression, weight gain and an autoimmmune disease when I was in my early thirties.  I learned that my illnesses were warning signs from my body, a wake up call for self-care and change.   

 My training has taught me that we have more control over improving our health than we think.  This program taught me how to make sustainable changes through education, behavioral modifications and goals. I have changed my habits in ways that have improved my overall health and you can do the same!  

  Sustainable                      Lifestyle Changes                     Together