Affecting Change & Empowering


I believe connection, knowledge and small attainable goals promote a person's success. Remedyourlife offers personalized sessions that allow you to take charge, work to overcome barriers, and become effective at making healthy lifestyle decisions that fit your life.  Life is filled with choices; however, having a little guidance makes acheiving them a lot easier.  Danielle founder

Wealth of information made easy, since medical language is foreign to me.  Great support and learned so much about how to heal myself.  My scary numbers in my blood work are down thanks to the work we did together.  Highly recommend Danielle's program.  Brian B. February/2017  


I had the pleasure to work with Danielle this past winter in order to learn about cancer risks and how to avoid them. Cancer runs rampant in my family and in my mind it was only a matter of time....

From the very first time I met with Danielle she put my mind at ease.  She took a comprehensive approach to my health, including not only the physical but the spiritual and emotional aspects.  She went to great lengths to explain the science behind cancer as well as genetics and the environmental risks.  She presented me with educational material on what science has proven to lower my cancer risks.

In this program I decided on which goals to set that were attainable with my busy lifestyle.  This laid out a clear plan that I am happy to say I have been following for over a year now. I feel healthy, happier and stronger and I am no longer living in fear of cancer. I feel in control of my life and health choices.  Danielle's kind, thoughtful and nurturing ways made it easy for me to trust her with my fears! I am incredibly thankful for Danielle and  I have already referred her to several friends.  Stephanie M    January/2015

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I did all the conventional treatments but knew I needed something more to regain my health. I was relieved to find remedyourlife.  I thought I was eating healthy but I learned so much more about what foods are truly healing and healthy for my body. Having Danielle with my during this journey was incredibly comforting and educational.

 I feel stronger, more confident than I have since I was diagnosed last year.  She does all the research, lays everything out simply and then I made the decisions on what I wanted to add and take away in my life.  This program is more than just nutrition, it was about my whole life and what affects my health from stress to the way I think.  I went from being fearful to feeling powerful!  Marie C. March/ 2017